The DLM 2018 Administrator Module

The DLM 2018 Administrator Module

Using the The DLM Administrator Module the project administrator may edit DLM project settings and handle license issues.


The DLM Management Module

Access from Revit

In the Add-ins tab > DLM panel: Administrator

The DLM Management Module

Access from AutoCAD

In the commandline: Enter DLMADMINISTRATOR

Overall description

Overall description

The DLM Administrator module is the backbone of the entire app.
Using the DLM Administrator Module the BIM Manager configures the DLM project settings to be used in the active company project.

  • Overall project data such as name, address, client etc.
  • A list of AuCAD title block names used in the project (if any)
  • A path to the projects Excel drawing list plus the name of the Excel sheet.

From within the DLM Administrator module the BIM Manager may open, view and update the projects Excel drawing list using the latest drawing data as specified in Revit sheets and / or in AutoCAD title blocks.

Each DLM project is connected to a specific DLM license, and if you are connected to another license than the DLM projects license, you will not be able to access the DLM project.
However the administrator may change a projects license id using the menu in Administrator Module > License Tools > Connect a project.

License management is also handled from the Administrator module.

About license management

Creating a new DLM project

Creating a new DLM project

A new DLM project may be created in one of the following ways

  • In the Project menu, click New
  • In the toolbar, click Create New Project
  • In the toolbar, click Copy an Existing DLM Project
  • or use the DLM Project Wizard

Project Data

AutoCAD Titleblocks

Excel path and sheet name

When a Revit project or an AutoCAD drawing is opened, project data in the DLM Administrator Module are automatically transferred to Revit project parameters (and AutoCAD titleblocks if they contain project data attributes).

If the check box "Revit central  file data takes precedence over the DLM project data" is checked, the Revit project data is not updated at document startup.

When an AutoCAD drawing is changed all layouts are checked for instances of the blocks listed in this dialog. If a block instance is found it is checked for occurrences of attributes with tags listed in the DLM parameter table, and attribute values with matching tags are transferred to the DLM database.

The Excel path must point to an Excel version 2016 document.

The Excel sheet name must also be listed in this table.

Editing parameters

Editing parameters

The parameter definitions are used as keys for accessing data in the Revit project, Revit sheets and AutoCAD titleblocks.

A number of built-in parameters are defined, and they may not be altered except for the associated AutoCAD tag name. However the BIM manager may define custom parameters that may be altered and deleted.

All parameter names are utilized in Revit and the associated attribute tags are utilized in AutoCAD.