Drawing List Manager

Drawing List Manager

DrawingListManager (DLM) works with Autodesk AutoCAD© og Autodesk Revit© and gives the project organization a possibility to coordinate drawing data and update an Excel drawing list using the data in the drawing title blocks.

DLM may be used in conjunction with AutoCAD or Revit or both AutoCAD and Revit.

  • DLM must be installed on all PC's connecting to the project.
  • The license is easily activated during installation.
  • The project BIM manager creates a DLM-project in a parent folder to folders holding AutoCAD- and Revit-files.
  • DLM keeps track of all drawing data that are easily accessed by the DLM Administrator module. In the DLM Administrator module the projects Excel drawing list may also be accessed and updated.


DLM five-users-version is free and may be downloaded from Autodesk Exchange Apps website.

Additional licenses may be purchased at Autodesk Exchange Apps Store.

Contact: jan@grenov.dk